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By E. Edward Bittar and Jens Peter Andersen (Eds.)

ISBN-10: 0762302879

ISBN-13: 9780762302871

Either eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells rely strongly at the functionality of ion pumps found in their membranes. The time period ion pump, synonymous with lively ion-transport process, refers to a membrane-associated protein that translocates ions uphill opposed to an electrochemical power gradient. fundamental ion pumps make the most of power derived from chemical reactions or from the absorption of sunshine, whereas secondary ion pumps derive the power for uphill flow of 1 ionic species from the downhill flow of one other species.
In the current quantity, quite a few points of ion pump constitution, mechanism, and legislation are taken care of utilizing as a rule the ion-transporting ATPases as examples. One bankruptcy has been dedicated to a secondary ion pump, the Na+-Ca2+ exchanger, not just as a result very important position performed by means of this delivery procedure in law of cardiac contractility, but in addition since it exemplifies the attention-grabbing mechanistic and structural similarities among basic and secondary pumps.

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