Invasion from Space (The fourth book in the Perry Rhodan - download pdf or read online

By Walter Ernsting, Kurt Mahr

ISBN-10: 1441659730

ISBN-13: 9781441659736

The 3rd energy confronted its maximum chance within the alien brain Snatchers!

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Khrest sighed. "Your drive is rather frightening, Rhodan. So much energy! There might be a chance later on, but for the moment the prognosis is pretty hopeless. S. avoid any direct confrontation, but they keep up their defence system. " "That remains to be seen," said Rhodan, who did not abandon the idea entirely. "Will you get in touch with Mercant. I’ll expect to see him or one of his men at the base when I return. Then we can map out our strategy. " commented Rhodan with a shrug of his shoulders.

The highly sensitive detector set could receive the vibrations of the human brain and register their frequencies. The detector was capable of distinguishing between a normal brain and that of a mutant, despite the fact that the difference was rather slight between the two sets of brainwaves. S.! "You are right, Reg! S. The only question remaining is what to do in such a case. We can’t simply kill that person, if there is any chance left of saving his life. S. " From the background came Khrest’s voice, which could he heard over Thora’s protestations.

You might be useless to us as a prophet," Rhodan continued, but not as an opponent against of the invaders. " "I’ll try to do my best, together with Tako, to solve the task you have set for me," promised Ellert. Then, after some hesitation, he added, "According to one of the many potential futures I will not be among the living in a few weeks. But as I mentioned already, this is just one possibility among many. " Perry Rhodan did not reply. He was very pensive as both Ellert and Tako Kakuta, the Japanese teleporter, left the conference room.

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