Franco Agostini, Nicola Alberto De Carlo's Intelligence Games PDF

By Franco Agostini, Nicola Alberto De Carlo

ISBN-10: 0671632019

ISBN-13: 9780671632014

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He doesn’t have any ambitions, as long as he can kill his enemies. ) The Gilgeam faction controls the army, is loyal to Gilgeam, and is by far the richest faction in Unther. The Cult of Tiamat: This cult believes that the gods are evil and therefore the mythological enemy of the gods, the Dragon Queen Tiamat, must be good. This is a rather simplistic view, but in harsh times, people tend to look at things in black and white. This cult is getting widespread support throughout Unther as the only ones willing to stand up against Gilgeam, though the priests of Gilgeam do not yet realize how powerful the cult is becoming, or that an incarnation of Tiamat is present in Unther.

Ruduk is working behind the scenes, using charm spells to sit up unrest. Ruduk isn’t really interested in Unther; he’s trying to advance his fortunes with the Red Wizards. The Traders: The merchants of Unther form the bulk of the foreigners that live in the country at the present time. The traders wish for lower taxes and tariffs, in the hopes that can buy and sell more goods. They have not, however, taken a united stand on the current unrest. Some merchants believe the only way to make things better is to overthrow Gilgeam; these traders are send- ing agents to hire mercenary companies from Chessenta to aid the rebels in Messemprar.

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