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On January 30, 1975 Ernd Rubik j r. , professor of structure and layout in Budapest, was once granted the Hungarian patent quantity 170062 for a "terbeli logikai jatek"-a video game of spatial good judgment. among 1978 and March 1981 this object-Bt1vos Kocka in Hungary, der Magische Wiirfel or Zauberwiirfel in Germany, Ie dice Hongrois in France and the Magic dice or Rubik' s dice in nice Britain and the USA-has offered greater than ten million copies. and so they weren't in basic terms bought! A hugely contagious "twist mania" has been spreading all through households, workplaces and ready rooms. Many school rooms sound as though a military of mice have been difficult at paintings in the back of the desks. what's so interesting approximately this dice, which competes with Hungar­ ian salami and the recognized Tokajer wine within the currency-winning export marketplace? For something, it really is an awesome technical software. How does it paintings? in addition, the distinction among its blameless, harmless visual appeal and the hidden hassle of its answer bargains a major problem to all puzzle lovers, yet particularly to these mathematicians who're profeSSionally focused on logical deduction.

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3 every element of the alternating group An is a prod- Proof. From the previous remark and Theorem 3 every element of An is the product of an even number of transpositions of the form (1, 0. Therefore, it suffices to prove the claim for the product of two transpositions of this form. For i f j we have (1, i)(I,j) = (1, i, j). L I = (1, 2, 3)3. 0 According to the last proof, An is already generated by 3-cycles of the form = (1, 2,j)(1, 2, i)(l, 2,j)2 even the 3-cycles of the form (1, 2, 0 are sufficient.

2 above on the left for the comers Xl = uf/, X 2 = urj, Xa = ubr, without changing the other comers, which we denote for the time being by X 4 , . . , Xs. For every i E {4, . . , 8} there existS a maneuver ki E M of at most 2 moves which transports the comer cubie from Xi to Xa without interfering with the cubies in Xl and X 2 • The maneuver kim look; now causes exactly the 3-cycle (Xl, X 2 , Xi ). ) Since the six 3-cycles (Xl, X 2 , X a ), (Xl! X 2 , X4 ), • • . , (Xl, X 2 , Xs) generate the group of all even permutations of {Xl' .

1017 cm2 ) to a height of 15 m. Despite these perhaps impressive comparisons, the main reason for the difficulty of our game is not the size of the number IPI. It is certainly not considered difficult, to arrange 21 cards of a customers list in alphabetical order. Yet, for 21 cards there are 21! 09 . . 10 18 (over 51 quintillion) arrangements, and if all the names are different, only one of them corresponds to the desired alphabetical order. The indisputable difficulty of Rubik's cube is rather due to the intricate way in which 8 to 9 cubies at a time are linked, forcing us to head for the solution by way of sophisticated detours.

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