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By Kat Martin

ISBN-10: 0312960891

ISBN-13: 9780312960896

Jessica Fox wasn't constantly the gorgeous, composed younger lady who's the toast of the London ton. Born in poverty, Jessica wandered the streets until eventually destiny stumbled on her a dad or mum within the getting older Marquess of Belmore. Now, it really is destiny she tempts along with her eager for the Marquess's son, the boastful and good-looking Captain Mathew Seaton.Upon his go back from the ocean, Matthew is pressured to confront the sensuous good looks he believes has set her attractions at the Belmore identify. even though his brain tells him to watch out, his blood boils with suggestions of luring her into his mattress. To win his love, Jessica will do whatever. but if hope flames and the darkish shadow of her youth lengthens, she hazards every little thing she has dreamed of in a perilous dance of denial.

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You're a pickpocket and a thief—the bane of every traveler passing through the village. " Jessie shrieked as he grabbed for her, whirled, and sprinted away. She darted left, feigned right, and scooted just out of his reach. Matthew swore an oath beneath his breath. "A bloody prig is what ye are," Jessie taunted, staying just a few feet away. "All dressed up so clean and fancy. " His dark blond brows drew together in a furious scowl. "I can't believe you're a girl. " He made another unsuccessful lunge, but Jessie just laughed.

You mean she's stopped throwing mud and rotten fruit? " His father frowned. " 'Twas that no-account half brother of hers who was the real villain. Jessica is spirited, yes, but she is too softhearted by half to ever have been truly bad. In the past four years, she's grown into a beautiful, intelligent young woman. " Matthew studied his father's face. Once a tall, robust man, in the years since Matt had been away, Reginald Seaton's strength had begun to wane. He still had a leonine mane of snowy hair and thick muttonchop sideburns, but against the white of the linens, his skin looked pale instead of ruddy; his cheeks, no longer round, were slightly sunken in.

I'm sure 'is lordship will get 'ere whenever 'e's supposed to, bein' a navy man and all, but ye ain't due at supper till eight, and that's still hours away. Ye've been runnin' like a whirlwind all day. Why don't ye nap for a while? I'll 'ave cook prepare a tray and when ye wake up—" A brisk knock sounded at the door, interrupting Vi's words. Muttering to herself, she padded across the thick Persian carpet, turned the silver knob, and opened the door to find the tall stately butler, Samuel Osgood, standing in the hallway.

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