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I had deliberately cultivated a gradual learning in my dreams, a small revelation, a noetic knowledge of how to fly. But I was always disappointed when I woke up. I would stand in the middle of my bedroom floor and try to create that mental flying attitude, and it never worked! This was an understanding or revelation that worked in dreams but just didn’t transfer to ordinary, physical life. Was it “false” to begin with, just an illogical idea in my dreams? Or was it what I’ve called “state-specific knowledge” (Tart 1972, 1998a), true in the dream ASC but not in the ordinary state?

Materialistic science gives no transcendent values at all to live by, yet it was replacing religion, the major source of values—not that formal religion guarantees that people will be kinder and more moral, of course; many horrors have been committed in the name of religion, but it at least usually provides a framework favoring the moral life. I was lucky to have read writings on psychic research while I myself was in conflict, because some of these early researchers had a radical idea, which was just what I needed.

What do I mean by words like “spirit” and “spiritual”? I don’t think they can be precisely defined as material things can be (for example, refrigerators), but by “spiritual” I refer to a realm of values, experiences, realities, and insights that goes beyond the ordinary material world. This is still rather general, but what I mean will become clearer as we go along. We’ll take a look at just what this essential scientific method is, because it’s very important for our personal peace of mind to stop confusing it, as most people (including many scientists) do, with what’s commonly called science but is actually scientism.

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