Download e-book for iPad: If God Is Love: Rediscovering Grace in an Ungracious World by Philip Gulley, James Mulholland

By Philip Gulley, James Mulholland

ISBN-10: 0060816155

ISBN-13: 9780060816155

ISBN-10: 0061573981

ISBN-13: 9780061573989

If God is love, why are such a lot of Christians nervous, and why achieve this many church leaders sound hateful? debatable pastors tackle concerns the church will not face, calling us to revive grace because the heart of the Christian lifestyles.

o In If Grace is right , Pastors Philip Gulley and James Mulholland printed their trust that God will shop every body. They now discover the consequences of this trust, and its strength to alter each zone of our lives. They try and solution one query: If we took God's love heavily, what could our international glance like?

Gulley and Mulholland argue that what we think is essential and dramatically impacts the best way we are living and have interaction on this planet. ideals have strength. the idea in a literal hell the place humans endure ceaselessly has usually been utilized by the Church to justify hate and violence, which contradicts what Jesus taught approximately love and charm. The authors current a brand new imaginative and prescient for our own, spiritual, and company lives, exploring what our global will be like if we established our lifestyles at the foundational fact that God loves each person.

Gulley and Mulholland boldly tackle many arguable concerns humans within the pews have questioned approximately yet church buildings were unwilling to take on. For too lengthy, the Christian culture has been steeped in negativity, exclusion, and judgment. Gulley and Mulholland usher us right into a new age––an age the place grace and love are allowed to reign.

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It exposed the reward-based theology from which I was operating. Religion was about winning prizes. When we present salvation and faithfulness in these terms, we reduce them to acts of selfishness. ”2 Unfortunately, when religion adopts, rather than challenges, this motivation, we replace a religion in which God manipulates us with fear with one in which God manipulates us with rewards. Or perhaps we create a religion designed to allow us to manipulate God and others. Today I realize how harmful such theology is to genuine relationship.

I am a child of God and make childish mistakes, but it is in my blunders that I learn. I marvel that this simple idea, the source of patience in every good parent, seems largely absent from most images of God. God’s response to error is portrayed as immediate and severe. Uzzah touched the ark and was immediately struck down. I don’t believe that story any longer. I am convinced our heavenly Parent not only expects our indiscretions, but sees them as opportunities not to destroy us, but to encourage and teach us.

My salvation had never depended on my striving and struggle. It wasn’t about keeping a perfect record or earning a gold star. It wasn’t even about my accepting God. Salvation came in knowing that God accepted me. To be sure, God’s acceptance didn’t make my promiscuity acceptable. God’s love exposed the selfishness and immaturity of my “love” life. Finding this pearl of great price, I was willing to sell everything in order to possess it. I wanted to love as I’d been loved. My experiences with God have convinced me that what kept me from becoming the man I wanted to be was not sin, but insecurity.

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