New PDF release: How to conduct Puja to Goddess Saraswati

By A.V. Srinivasan

ISBN-10: 1622096177

ISBN-13: 9781622096176

Hinduism; Saraswati worship: a how-to instruction manual and pocket advisor - fantastic/ as new paperback - complete colour hide, b&w illustrations - Sanskrit devanagari script with English transliteration & English translation - step by step directions with advent and record of fabrics - forty eight pages. this is often the second one variation with Sanskrit lettering further.

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Hindus of Bengali tradition worship Her during the Spring season. The literal meaning of the word Saraswati is "the Flowing-One" which refers to the flow of speech and thought. e. prior to the Indus Valley civilization. " In every Hindu ritual Saraswati is invoked as one of the seven sacred waters for use during the ceremonies. The familiar visualization Hindus have of Saraswati is that of a beautiful, graceful Devi, who exemplifies serenity and wisdom. She is pictured as a four-armed goddess, riding a swan or peacock, and holding a veena (lute) with two of Her hands, a pearl rosary in one hand and a manuscript in the fourth hand.

Thus we should view our palms in the morning. Festivals to celebrate Saraswati each year, whether in autumn or in spring, emphasize Hindus' recognition of the need to acquire jnana (wisdom) as an indispensable tool of life. In fact, it is significant that the very first stanza in the great epic, the Mahabharata, is an invocation to Saraswati as described below: naaraayanam namaskritya naram chaiva narottamam deveem saraswateem chaiva tato jayamudeerayet Upon saluting Naaraayana and Goddess Saraswati, as well as the noblest of men, Arjuna, shall one undertake the study.

Pradakshina Now stand up and do a pradakshina (circumambulation) three times turning to your right. Om shree sarasvatyai namaha yaanikaanicha paapaani janmaantara kritaani cha taani taani vinashyanti pradakshinam pade pade Whatever sins I have committed in all my lives May all of them be absolved as I circumambulate in worship Conclusion Now the Puja can be completed with an arati. Yaa devi sarva bhuteshu is recommended. If ashtottara is to be chanted then the arati follows that. After the arati is complete, take the arati plate around so that the devotees can receive the blessing by reverentially cupping their hands downwards and receiving the warmth of the flame and touching their eyes with the cupped hands inwards.

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