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From the makers of technology and expertise journal the way it Works comes remarkable electrical energy, a digital-only version dedicated to this stunning subject. You’ll learn the way electrical energy is generated and disbursed, and we shed a few gentle on one of the most life-changing innovations ever, from the sunshine bulb to electrical motors.

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Observe the singularity at object focus, which has the same absolute value as the focal length but with a positive sign. The image focus has a negative sign. Note that they play different roles in the geometrical construction of the image. 2. Change the refractive index and describe what happens. 3. Change the focal length and describe what happens. 32 1. 13 (G13TINNEG) Calculation of image focus and object focus for negative lens. Calculation of image distances xi and magnification for four specific values of object distance xo .

7. 74) where m1 xi1 /xo1 is approximately f1 /xo1 because the image of lens 1 is close to the focal point. The magnification of the second lens, m2 xi2 /xo2 , is approximately −xi2 /f2 , because the object of lens 2 is close to the focal point and to the right side of the lens, and f2 is negative. Since xo1 and xi2 are both large numbers, of the same order of magnitude, they cancel each other out and we have for the magnification m m1 m2 −f1 /f2 . 75) Note that this is a positive number since f2 is a negative lens, and the object is seen erect.

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