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By Kurosh A.

The current textbook on larger algebra is designed for the maths departments of universities. It covers the basics of linear algebra, the first objective of that's the learn of arbitrary structures of first-degree equations (linear equations) and the algebra of polynomials, the place the emphasis Is on equations in a single unknown yet of arbitrary measure. the horny characteristic of this article is the mathematically rigorous presentation of the cloth coupled with Its excellence as a tutorial software. Its price Is more desirable via the abundance of examples and difficulties, lots of which were labored out in nice aspect. The booklet has undergone 9 versions In Russian and has been translated right into a variety of different languages. for a few years It has loved nice reputation between scholars and academics alike.

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Suter gives reason for believing the Porisms to be meant1, but does not apparently offer any explanation of why the work is supposed to be spurious. The book of the Canon is clearly the κατατομ καννος. The book on “the Heavy and Light” is apparently the tract De levi et ponderoso, included in the Basel Latin translation of 1537, and in Gregory’s edition. The fragment, however, cannot safely be attributed to Euclid, for (1) we have nowhere any mention of his having written on mechanics, (2) it contains the notion of specific gravity in a form so clear that it could hardly be attributed to anyone earlier than Archimedes2.

Most of what we have is contained in the passage of Proclus’ summary relating to him, which is as follows1: “Not much younger than these (sc. Hermotimus of Colophon and Philippus of Medma) is Euclid, who put together the Elements, collecting many of Eudoxus’ theorems, perfecting many of Theaetetus’, and also bringing to irrefragable demonstration the things which were only somewhat loosely proved by his predecessors. This man lived2 in the time of the first Ptolemy. For Archimedes, who came immediately after the first (Ptolemy)3, makes mention of Euclid: and, further, they say that Ptolemy once asked him if there was in geometry any shorter way than that of the elements, and he answered that there was no royal road to geometry4.

3 ibid. p. 70, 19 sqq. 4 Pappus, VII. p. 678, 10—12, συσχολáσας τος πò Εκλείδου μαθητας ν ‘Αλεξανδρεί πλεστον χρóνον, θεν σχε κα τν τοιατην ξιν οκ μαθ. 1 Pappus, VII. pp. 676, 25—678, 6. Hultsch, it is true, brackets the whole passage pp. 676, 25–678, 15, but apparently on the ground of the diction only. c. 3 VIII. 12, ext. 1. 1 Letter to Fernandus Acuna, printed in Maurolycus, Historia Siciliae, fol. 21 r. (see Heiberg, Euklid-Studien, pp. 22–3, 25). 2 Preface to translation (Pisauri, 1572). 3 Diog.

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