Herbal Magick by Gerina Dunwich PDF

By Gerina Dunwich

ISBN-10: 1564145751

ISBN-13: 9781564145758

This booklet will give you every thing you want to find out about the Pagan lore of crops and the way to perform strong magick using roots, vegetation, leaves, and bark. It unearths the well-guarded secrets and techniques of natural enchantments from centuries previous, touches on the various exciting folkloric ideals attached to herbs, and gives a delightful aiding of east-to-follow spells for plenty of reasons.

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To interpret the future through tea leaves, you will need any type of loose tea and a white (or light-colored) teacup with a wide brim and no pattern on the inside. Any ordinary cup can be used; however, many diviners have a special cup that is used only for tea leaf readings. Traditionally, a spoonful of tea leaves is placed in the cup, and, before the hot water is added, the person whose fortune is to be told stirs the dried tea with a finger or a spoon while concentrating on a specific question that he or she would like ™61™ 62 Herbal Magick answered.

An old Christian legend holds that the cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified was made of holly wood, and it was the blood of Christ that gave the holly berry its deep red color. It is said that lightning will never strike a holly tree nor anyone who stands under the branches of one during a storm. It was a widespread belief in the Middle Ages that the holly possessed miraculous curative powers. Pricking or thrashing the feet with holly and then walking barefoot in the snow was once thought to cure chilblains (an inflammatory swelling caused by cold and poor circulation).

Herbal divination continues to be practiced in our modern day and age, and in a variety of ways. The plucking of a daisy’s petals to determine the true feelings of one’s beloved, the picking of a four-leaf clover to attain good luck or to make a wish come true, and counting the number of breaths needed to blow all the fuzzy seeds off a dandelion’s stalk to determine how many years will pass before one’s wedding day arrives, are all examples of botanomancy in its simplest (and most popular) forms.

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