Cathy Guttierez's Handbook of Spiritualism and Channeling PDF

By Cathy Guttierez

ISBN-10: 9004263772

ISBN-13: 9789004263772

The Brill guide of Spiritualism and Channeling marks the 1st wide assortment on those interrelated activities and examines topics comparable to gender, race, functionality, and know-how in each one example.

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In this regard, Harris represents a precursor to the many guru-figures who appeared in the West in the twentieth and twentyfirst centuries (Rawlinson 1998). And like many of them, his sect was to suffer a major schism, in this case with his erstwhile student, Laurence Oliphant. 42 Versluis Laurence Oliphant Laurence Oliphant (1829–1888) was born to Anthony and Mary Oliphant, and by the time he was ten, his father had been knighted. Sir Anthony and Lady Oliphant were members of the Calvinist Protestant Reformed Church, and the young Laurence grew up in Ceylon, where his father was Chief Justice, and in England.

Mesmer et son secret. Paris: Amédés Legrand. chapter 2 Spiritualism and the American Swedenborgian Current Arthur Versluis Certainly one of the most important traditions for understanding the history of Spiritualism and channeling, particularly in North America, is that inaugurated by Emanuel Swedenborg (1688–1772), whose voluminous works provided the most influential cosmological framework for subsequent forms of Spiritualism. In the wake of Swedenborg’s many volumes devoted to chronicling his visionary experiences came others, particularly in Britain and North America, but also in Europe.

If we receive messages from spirits, he insisted, they are communicated first to the subliminal self, and only then do they rise to the supraliminal. He also believed that the phenomena that he called ‘supernormal’ (today called ‘paranormal’), such as telepathy and clairvoyance, resulted from impressions that affected the subliminal first. Myers posited a ‘mythopoeic’ faculty, in the subliminal consciousness of everyone, that constantly produces fantasies, stories, poetic images, and other spontaneous creations which might on occasion pass through the threshold of consciousness into supraliminal awareness (Myers 1903: II, 5).

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