Download e-book for kindle: Groups Acting on Hyperbolic Space: Harmonic Analysis and by Juergen Elstrodt, Fritz Grunewald, Jens Mennicke

By Juergen Elstrodt, Fritz Grunewald, Jens Mennicke

ISBN-10: 3540627456

ISBN-13: 9783540627456

This publication bargains with a vast diversity of subject matters from the speculation of automorphic capabilities on 3-dimensional hyperbolic house and its mathematics staff theoretic and geometric ramifications. starting up with a number of types of hyperbolic area and its team of motions the authors talk about the spectral conception of the Laplacian and Selberg's thought for cofinite teams. This culminates in specific types of the Selberg hint formulation and the Selberg zeta-function. The interaction with mathematics is tested by way of the teams PSL(2) over jewelry and of quadratic integers, their Eisenstein sequence and their linked Hermitian kinds. A wealthy bankruptcy on concrete examples of mathematics and non-arithmetic cofinite teams complements the usefulness of this paintings for a large circle of mathematicians.

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Groups Acting on Hyperbolic Space: Harmonic Analysis and Number Theory by Juergen Elstrodt, Fritz Grunewald, Jens Mennicke

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