New PDF release: Grey Hunter (Space Wolves)

By William King

ISBN-10: 1844160246

ISBN-13: 9781844160242

Ragnar and the gap Wolves are sent to the sacred international of Garm following the robbery of 1 of the Chapter's such a lot sacred relics - the Spear of Russ - stated to were touched at the hands of Primarch Leman Russ himself.

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As Ragnar watched, one man who had obviously been feigning death - quite convincingly judging by the amount of blood covering his tattered uniform - leapt to his feet and aimed a bayonet at Sven's back. Calmly Ragnar took aim and put several bolter shells into him. The force of their impact crumpled the man like a ration carton crushed in a Marine's fist. Ragnar raced forward to join the fray, diving into the midst of the struggling bodies, lashing out at the men around him with his howling chainsword.

Huge chunks of plascrete had been ripped out of the earth by artillery fire. Amid the flotsam and jetsam of war, patrols of men moved, scavenging from the dead. Amid the burned out remains of the bunkers, war-weary men huddled around trash-fires and warmed their hands at gas braziers. The air had a hazy, polluted look. A blanket of strangely discoloured snow covered most of the ground. “We can't get an internal view of the shrine's inner sanctum,” said the Great Wolf. ” William King «Grey Hunter» “It's fair to assume that in so short a time there can have been no internal modifications,” said Berek.

His worst fears all seemed to have come true. He was trapped in this tiny pod with no way out, about to smash into the earth after dropping from a great height. Then the moment passed; self-control returned. If he had only moments of life remaining then he would not give way to fear. He would meet death like a man, even if it was not the death he would have chosen. Sergeant Hakon had other ideas. He reached up and flipped the emergency handles on the panels above his head, manually activating the suspensor drive.

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