Erich von Daniken's Gods from Outer Space: Return to the Stars, or Evidence for PDF

By Erich von Daniken

ISBN-10: 0399103449

ISBN-13: 9780399103445

Erich von Daeniken has a truly fascinating method of investigating the origins of the human race (do we come from the outer space?). he's not an informed archaeologist - he's an hotelier with nice curiosity in heritage of human race, of its origins. he's able to commute anywhere there's something attention-grabbing to be visible and never but totally defined through modern science.
He doesn't declare that what he says is the reality (unlike many of us who write those varieties of alternative-history books) - he basically increases questions, brings forth very attention-grabbing findings

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Rock faces and plaques covered with large numbers of spheres, circles, spirals and circles with rays. Why did I have to travel round the world, when the proofs of my theory were right outside my front door? Spheres surrounded by rays, eggs and flying spheres are not only found on cave walls and cliffs, ancient stone reliefs and cylinder seals, but also in the round, made of hard stone, in many different parts of the world—generally scattered indiscriminately and in inhospitable country. In the USA, for example, balls have been found in Tennessee, Arizona, California and Ohio.

We are sinking into the atmosphere. It grows bright as day. '... the new matter was like sand, the sand became firm ground that grew upwards. Lastly "Papa", the earth mother, revealed herself and spread abroad and became a great country Then people were on terra firma, which extended far and wide. But before they reached the earth's surface, which 'grew upwards' (an impression that arises when one comes on it from above), matter that was 'like sand' had to be traversed. Is that another way of describing the powerful frictional forces that the envelope of air exerts on the exterior of the space-ship?

In 1930 the Bishop Museum of Honolulu, which was the largest Polynesian collection in the world, sent two expeditions to the islands. Their aim was to safeguard the genealogies and songs that had survived the dubious blessing of western colonisation. Years later the Swedish scholar Bengt Danielsson, who had crossed the Pacific on the Kon Tiki raft with Thor Heyerdahl, visited some of the South Sea Islands with his wife and wrote down the traditions that were still alive in the consciousness of the islanders.

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