Belma Kulaçoğlu, Behiç Günel, Hüseyin Şen; translated by's Gods and Goddesses (Museum of Anatolian Civilizations) PDF

By Belma Kulaçoğlu, Behiç Günel, Hüseyin Şen; translated by Jean Oztürk

ISBN-10: 9751711274

ISBN-13: 9789751711274

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34) NĀNAK BĀNĪ in Dharam Khand there are deeds and devotions let us describe the Gyān Khand where infinite are the winds, waters, fires and infinite are the Krishnas and Maheshas infinite are the brahmans and infinite are the forms, colours, costumes infinite are the spheres of deeds and infinite are the words of wisdom infinite are the Indras, suns and moons and infinite are the spheres and regions infinite are the siddhās, buddhās, nāths and infinite are the gods and goddesses infinite are the ways, words infinite are those who know and infinite are those who follow Nānak, there is no end to the devotees’ rows !

21) NĀNAK BĀNĪ there are millions of underworlds and no count of skies the Vedas searched in vain and came to the same refrain some have counted eighteen thousand some more there can be no count there can only be delusions Nānak, He alone can discern His own dimensions ! (22) 35 36 NĀNAK BĀNĪ descriptions and discourses lead not to knowledge rivers and streams get lost in the ocean reflections and perceptions do not attain His projections a Sultān with sway over seven seas and mountains of gold compares not with the smallest insect who forgets not his Lord !

1) NĀNAK BĀNĪ the eminence of Thy being is beyond all discourses beyond all discussions Thy exalted self is beyond all count beyond all measure to articulate Thy extensions is to merge in Thy infinite my Lord the highest, the most sublime sovereign whose depths cannot be fathomed whose cosmic horizons cannot be attained all reflections lead to the most sublime to the most precious the wise, the sage attempt to comprehend the incomprehensible 59 60 NĀNAK BĀNĪ with truth, meditation and reflection the siddhās follow Thy projections without Thy benevolence none can reach Thy infinite words and thoughts do not correspond to constitute the divine discourse to conceptualise the eternal spirit Nānak, with the Truth of the True Lord the devotees aspire for the absolute transcendence !

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Gods and Goddesses (Museum of Anatolian Civilizations) by Belma Kulaçoğlu, Behiç Günel, Hüseyin Şen; translated by Jean Oztürk

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