Global Jihad and America: The Hundred-Year War Beyond Iraq by Taj Hashmi PDF

By Taj Hashmi

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Global Jihad and America questions the belief if Islamist terrorism, or "Global Jihad," poses the most important hazard to fashionable civilization within the East and West. It explores if Islamic and Western civilizations, being "incompatible" to one another, are destined to be at loggerheads.

Consequently, the booklet argues that state-sponsored terrorism and proxy wars--not terrorist acts by way of "non-state actors"--will pose the largest protection chance to the area. This learn doesn't recommend that the area has already reached the cul-de-sac of its future without element of go back. either the United States and the Muslim international can play vital roles to sidestep the catastrophe.

Meanwhile, the distance among the needy and the wealthy and strong is widening. all through historical past, sections of the wealthy and robust have manipulated wars within the identify of peace and justice, faith and freedom. So the large query now's: with the US and its allies waging a "war on terror and extremism" and their Muslim adversaries protecting honor and faith, is a catastrophe looming?

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However, there is a growing sense of belonging to the Ummah among sections of Arab and non-Arab Muslims everywhere. An understanding of violent Islamist extremism hinges on the understanding of what the postcolonial Third World in general and the Muslim world in particular think of Western hegemony and arrogance. Introduction 15 Evelin Lindner has beautifully explained it through her personal fieldwork experience in Rwanda and Somalia in 1998. She conveys the perceptions of the downtrodden Rwandans and Somalis about the West, in the following manner: You from the West, you come here to get a kick out of our problems.

Some of these separatist groups use Islam to justify their distinct identities. Joe Lieberman, a former independent democratic senator from Connecticut, sounds quite reasonable. 27 We, however, have no clues as to how to reach al Qaeda, which is more of a global movement than an organization. S. ”28 The more radical offshoots of MB—who despise the mother organization (MB) for being too soft and constitutional—such as al Qaeda, Islamic Jihad, Hamas, and their friends in Iran, Syria, Lebanon, 20 GLOBAL JIHAD AND AMERICA and elsewhere will eventually pose a much bigger threat to American and Israeli interests in the region.

This, in short, supports the main theme of this study that global jihad is a hackneyed concept, as neither Islam nor Muslims, but Islamist extremism poses the greatest threat to world peace. We need to worry about the implications of the New World Order—to perpetuate America’s global hegemony—and the never ending story of Islamist terrorism in the coming decades. Chapter 8: Conclusion The concluding chapter is about the importance of understanding the phenomenon of Islamist militancy in its true perspectives without ignoring how Western intolerance and quest for global hegemony have led to various crises, including long-lasting warfare.

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