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As Professor Owen H Wangensteen, one of many maximum educational surgeons of the 20 th century, acknowledged: you're a precise health care professional from the instant you can take care of your issues. recommended and exact prognosis, in addition to potent therapy, of surgical issues is likely one of the most crucial parts of surgical perform.

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Diverticular disease is a term used if complications arise from diverticulosis. Finally, diverticulitis specifically describes inflammation of the diverticula. Colonic diverticula are most commonly found in the sigmoid and the descending colon.

The haematoma disrupts the blood supply to the cartilage which, together with pressure effect, results in necrosis and deformity. The haematoma may also become infected resulting in an abscess. Following a nasal injury, it is important to assess for an intranasal/septal haematoma which is detected as a ‘cherry red’ mass. If it is present, the patient must be referred for urgent aspiration or drainage together with prophylactic antibiotics. Fracture of both the cribriform plate and orbital wall (‘blowout fractures’) can occur with direct nasal trauma.

The inability to dorsiflex the foot will result in a ‘foot drop’ with a ‘high-stepping’ gait to ensure it is not scraped along the ground. Peroneal, from Greek perone = pin (describing the shape of the fibula). 9. BILIARY TRACT DISEASE (1) D – Primary biliary cirrhosis Primary biliary cirrhosis is an autoimmune condition that commonly affects middle-aged women. It is characterized by inflammation and 21 Practice Paper 1: Answers fibrosis of the bile canaliculi, resulting in cholestasis. The majority of cases are associated with rheumatoid arthritis and Sjögren syndrome (characterized by dry eyes – xerophthalmia – and a dry mouth – xerostomia).

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