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Atrophy of gonadotrophin generating cells Exogenously LH synthesis administered androgens and liberate or anabolic steroids are lowered Prostate Testes common functionality. Testosterone synthesis within the deficit of endogenously Leydig cells is reduced. The synthesized testosterone is exogenously administered compensated for by means of the steroid isn't really in a position to exogenously administered make amends for the deficit of steroid endogenously synthesized testosterone determine 2 Intratesticular and serum testosterone concentrations after remedy with andro­ gens or anabolic steroids as a way to alternative for the peripheral androgen deficiency and to accomplish azoospermia. simply because this steroid is alkylated in place 17, poisonous results on liver functionality can't be excluded. Danazol bargains no benefits compared with different anabolic steroids; quite, risks. various experiments of this kind were played over the past forty or 50 years. the end result in each one case was once kind of exact: with a definite dose of an androgen or anabolic steroid it's attainable to inhibit spermatogenesis with no interfering with different androgen-dependent func­ tions, together with libido (potentia coeundi) and accent sexual glands. at the foundation of this pharmacological-endocrinological heritage, androgens and anabolic steroids can be utilized for male fertility keep watch over, and a number of other medical trials were played over the past 10-15 years. a few of 1 those stories 2-23 are pointed out in desk 2.

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5°C above the average temperature of the seven days before within 1-2 days due to progesterone secretion by the corpus luteum. During the hyperthermal phase of the menstrual cycle the patient is infertile. 31 AN OVERVIEW Table 11 Inhibition of fertilization: assessment of clinical methods and drugs which can be applied for inhibition of fertilization Site of action Mechanism of action Route periodic abstention: behaviour calendar method inhibits the basal temperature contact of sperm symptothermal and oocyte method coitus interruptus amenorrhoea prolonged induced by breastfeeding hypoprolactinaemia Local applicable mechanical aid mechanical barrier methods (nonprevents sperm- methods: oocyte contact hormonal) condom diaphragm cervical cap intracervical device chemical methods: ovula, cream vaginal sponges Tubal passage tubal occlusion electrocoagulation surgical interruption clip method chemical sterilization Substance world-wide world-wide world-wide world-wide Behavioural methods Hormonal methods Immunological methods effect on cervical oral: mini-pill mucus and tubal motility local: vaginal ring immunization parenteral against immunization: spermatozoa and active oocyte antigen passive Assessment use use use use world-wide use world-wide use world-wide use world-wide use trial stage spermicide spermicide world-wide use clinical trial world-wide use quinacrine cyanoacryl progestogens clinical use clinical use world-wide use progestogens clinical trial spermatozoa trial stage antigen: LDH-X acrosin oocyte antigens: zona pellucida monoclonal antibody Temperature measurements by microcomputers A microcomputer for measurement of the basal body temperature is illustrated in Figure 24.

Trials with Silastic showed a success rate of 86%. Although clinical studies are necessary to prove the applicability of this method in clinical routine, in the near future it may become of importance. Hysteroscopic sterilization has been described extensively by Rimkus and Semm (1976). Reed and Erb (1982) report experience with 800 patients. 4 x4mm) fixed with a nylon thread can be placed by means of hysteroscopy (Brundin, 1983) (Figure 36). AN OVERVIEW 47 I em ~ Figure 36 Sterilization by hysteroscopic applied tubal blockage Miscellaneous DIBROMOCHLORPROPANE (0 BCP) OBCP is an effective nematotoxin suppressing spermatogenesis and causing infertility in man and animals.

The zona pellucida antigen is an attractive vaccine: (a) zona antibodies can inhibit both fertilization and implantation; (b) a small number of mature oocytes are occurring at a different time period and only low antibody titres are necessary. Study of antigens of the egg surface has so far been possible only in animals. Using rabbit antisera against mice oocytes, a surface antigen of the oocyte was identified, which could cross-react with SV -40 tumour viruses. The possibility that the egg antigens can be used for the production of contraceptive vaccines has not been investigated.

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