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By Edmund Whittaker

This e-book represents the substance of the Tarner Lectures of 1947, within which [Edmund Whittaker] tried to track the advance of theories in traditional philosophy from the rediscovery of Euclid via Western students to the current time. The lectures weren't meant to be a precis of present-day wisdom in physics, nor but a chronicle of specific discoveries, yet relatively a heritage of the evolution of recommendations and ideas, specially equivalent to have provoked lengthy controversies, at times nonetheless unsettled. [Whittaker has] attempted to disengage the fundamental principles from the intricacy of the mathematical presentation.

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Once magnetic fields are produced, by whatever means, they stick around for a long, long time. But when and how do they first appear? 59): if B = 0 at some time t0 then B = 0 at all subsequent times t > t0 , a problem that persists unabated as t0 is pushed all the way back to the Big Bang. We need something else. 2 Monopoles and Batteries In subsequent chapters we will see that astrophysical flows are actually quite apt at amplifying magnetic fields, so what we are after here is a very small seed field to start up the process.

Substitution of this Ansatz into Eq. 3) with m = 0 in view of axisymmetry, yields the ODE: l(l + 1) λ 1 d 2 d r − f λ (r ) = 0 . 10) This and the following subsection are to a large extent adapted from class notes written by Thomas J. Bogdan for the graduate class APAS7500 we co-taught in 1997 at CU Boulder. 40 2 Decay and Amplification of Magnetic Fields (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) Fig. 1 Six diffusive eigenmodes for a purely poloidal field pervading a sphere of constant magnetic diffusivity embedded in vacuum.

14 The Ultimate Origin of Astrophysical Magnetic Fields 29 Interestingly, the two options that are currently deemed viable stand at the opposite ends of the physical exoticism scale: magnetic monopoles... 8 Already back in 1931 Paul Dirac (1902–1984) pointed out that there is nothing to prevent there being magnetic monopoles so long as the magnetic charge on a particle is some integer multiple of g ≡ hc/(4πe) ≈ 69e, where h is Planck’s constant, and e is the fundamental electric charge. With just one magnetic monopole in the universe we have our basic seed field.

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