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By Michael Oren Fitzgerald

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Supplying the main finished biography of Frithjof Schuon (1907-1998) but released, Fitzgerald's paintings beneficial properties quotations from Schuon?s articles, books, memoirs, and correspondence, mixed with a wealth of trustworthy info from those who knew Schuon good. With over seventy five colour and black-and-white images and illustrations, readers will achieve precious insights into the lifestyles and paintings of the main consultant of the Perennialist or ?Traditionalist? university of comparative spiritual idea.

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The analogy with the bull of Dharma in Hinduism is very remarkable; at every yuga, this bull withdraws a foot, and spirituality loses its strength; and now we are near the end of the kali‑yuga. 84 [I]n the name of humanitarian egalitarianism, vocations are crushed and geniuses wasted, by schools in particular and by official worldliness in general; every spiritual element is banished from professional and public life. . 85 In response to such a view, Schuon writes: The world is miserable because men live beneath themselves; the error of modern man is that he wants to reform the world without having either the will or the power to reform man, and this flagrant contradiction, this attempt to make a better world on the basis of a worsened humanity, can only end in the very abolition of what is human, and consequently in the abolition of happiness too.

Restore the lost truth by referring to the total truth. . ”93 These remarks provide an outline of certain key elements in Schuon’s philosophy. Further discussion of the sage’s thought is interwoven into the discussion of the events of his life, while the three appendices to this work present his essential message in his own words. Of course, to grasp the entire scope of his message, nothing can replace the in-depth study of his body of published writings. 94 With this background, let us now turn to survey the life of Frithjof Schuon, a messenger of that “one and universal wisdom”95 called the perennial philosophy.

As a youth walking in Basle’s Zoological Gardens, he had a memorable first encounter with Islam in the form of a Senegalese marabout who had accompanied some members of his village for the purpose of demonstrating their culture. ”22 This metaphysical truth, so simply yet eloquently expressed, was to become a dominant principle of Schuon’s thought, as indicated already by the title of his first major book, The Transcendent Unity of Religions. One of Schuon’s later poems, entitled “Symbolism”, recalls the meeting and sheds light on the innermost significance of the marabout’s words: A black holy man once said to me, There are different paths that lead to Allah: He is the Center, and the different faiths Are like spokes on the Spirit’s wheel.

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