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By Donald Luce, Laura Andrews

ISBN-10: 0816611459

ISBN-13: 9780816611454

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Many birds were seen, of species new to me. I was constantly on deck. The mountain scenery was beautiful. After reaching Juneau, they headed for Stag Bay. Stag Bay is a narrow, deep fjord on the north west corner of Chichagof Island, the upper slopes [were] deep in wet snow. Water would accumulate behind a mass of snow, which would give way and many tons of snow and water come tumbling down the mountain side. The effects of snowslides were evident in the forest. A rugged, astounding region, and since it was rarely visited, full of wildlife.

The technique uses a chalk or clay-coated board on which the artist draws with black ink. Once the ink has dried, it can be scratched with a sharp tool to create white lines in an otherwise dark area. The technique can quickly create a strong image with an appearance that is something of a hybrid between wood-engraving and pen and ink drawing. The wood-engraving process dominated black and white illustrations for much of the nineteenth century, but with the development of photo-mechanical printing processes, a black and white line drawing could be reproduced directly without the need for an engraver.

He couldn't afford much on his modest museum salary and he had looked long and hard before finding a room in the apartment of a pleasant older couple, the Galloways. The room looked out over the Hudson River to the Palisades in New Jersey and beneath it was Riverside Drive and the tracks of the New York Central freight lines. On his return, he discovered that there was some competition for this room. A Miss Florence Page, a friend of the Galloways who had formerly rented the room, now wanted it back.

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