Fantasy Fiction and Welsh Myth: Tales of Belonging - download pdf or read online

By Kath Filmer-Davies

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This e-book examines how modern myth literature deals serious insights into western society and tradition by way of drawing at the historical myths of Wales. those books emphasise the necessity to have a suite of social and private values that allows you to be unfastened from a feeling of dislocation and alienation in a hugely technologised society and that allows you to fulfill the experience of 'hiraeth' or eager for a spot the place one really belongs.

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Among them are Louise Lawrence's The Earth Witch, Alan Gamer's The Owl Service, Liane Jones's The Dreamstone, Jay Ashton's The Door in the Wall, Brian Caswell's Merryll and the Stones, and Madeleine L'Engle's A Swiftly Tilting Planet. In this chapter and the next I shall look at the use of Welsh hanesion in these novels and show how they work at once to arouse hiraeth and the yearning to belong, and to evoke a strong sense of the spirit of Welsh place. One of the patterns commented upon by Jeffrey Gantz in the Introduction to his translation of The Mabinogion and transferred to many of the fantasy novels which draw from these stories is that of two men in competition for the same woman.

But Huw admits that it would be dangerous for Gwyn to intervene: 'She will use what she finds, and you have only hate in you' (153). Gwyn's hate intensifies the violent aspects of the myth; Huw's gentle country wisdom brings out its beauty. Roger is perceptive enough to appreciate the truth of Huw's mutterings, and is able to tell Alison that the Blodeuwedd entity possessing her should not be owls but flowers. Alison responds, and the blossoms fall about her as the darkness leaves the myth and the cycle is reborn of its original flowers.

But L'Engle's moral lexicon allows for the complexity of human nature; in this case, as in others, things are not what they seem. For example, the truculent Mrs O'Keefe, Meg's unkempt and unprepossessing mother-in-law, turns out to have been the golden-haired Beezie, sister to Chuck whom Charles Wallace 'enters' in order to learn more about the might-have-been he must correct in nineteenth- Reconstructing the Present from the Stories of the Past 39 century Patagonia. Beezie is a bright and happy child until the death of her father and her mother's subsequent remarriage to the bullying Duthbert Mortmain, apparently a descendant of the witchhunting Pastor Mortmain who tried to have the earlier Welsh-Indian girl, Zillah, put to death.

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