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Eyelid Tumours: scientific analysis and surgery

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A bipolar cautery can be used to control bleeding. An alternative method for hemostasis is to release the chalazion clamp allowing blood flow into the wound. The clamp is then tightened for several minutes. This maneuver may be repeated a second time to allow clot formation. Antibiotic drops or ointment are placed in the eye, and the eye is patched for one day. The antibiotics can be continued several times a day for 4–5 days. Although a conjunctival approach is usually preferred, a skin approach can be used.

However, two cases were reported in which the adenoma was present on the lid margins of men in their early thirties. One of the tumors was hyperkeratotic; the other was cystic in appearance. Both lesions had slow and quiet onsets, and there was no history of excessive sun exposure. It is of interest that the initial biopsies of one of these tumors was read as basal cell carcinoma. 18 Adnexal Tumors 146 146 Multiple syringomas in both lower lids. 51 147 147 Nodular hidradenoma in the medial aspect of the left lower lid.

Xanthelasma is usually confined to this dermal layer. AMYLOIDOSIS Amyloid is a translucent glycoprotein which is deposited in many organs of the body in patients with amyloidosis, including the eyelids (153, 154). The lesions are typically papules which exhibit a yellow or waxy appearance. Purpura may be associated with these papules. 23 NECROBIOTIC XANTHOGRANULOMA Necrobiotic xanthogranuloma with paraproteinemia is characterized by the development of multiple, painless, nonpruritic nodules or plaques, involving mainly the trunk and proximal part of the limbs, as well as the periorbital area.

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