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By Roy A. Gallant, Lowell Hess

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The fact is, you would weigh or the amount of matter it less on Mars because the Red Planet's mass is made of— is less than Earth's. If you weigh 100 pounds on Earth, you would weigh only 37 pounds on Mars. Many people wonder if this low — Not at all. In fact, most of us would feel a new sense of "freedom" and would adjust to our lightness after two or three days. We'd be able to move around with much less surface gravity would seriously curb our activity. than we use on Earth. Also, we wouldn't effort Frequently we'd feel as though we were actors motion pictures.

This would mean that the fast runner makes two trips around the track every time the slow runner makes only one. Now think of Earth's orbit as the inside fence of the track, Mars' or- and the two planets as the two runners. Every two years and two months Earth, the fast runner, makes two trips around the track while Mars makes only one. In other words, Earth passes Mars bit as the outside fence, once every two and one sixth years. sitions," by It is when astronomers observe Mars, during such passages, or ^'oppo- two planets are then for the side side.

And the word Schiapa- which means "channel," not "canal" in the Eng- who were sense of the word. But English-speaking astronomers too anxious to criticize or praise Schiaparelli used the word "canal" and it all implies in English. While astronomers the world over were arguing about Schiaparelli's canals, the Italian astronomer refused to take part in the debate. once claimed that the canals were made by intelligent beings. " enough, many astronomers have never been once denied that they Interestingly the canals.

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