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By Timothy K. Earle, Jonathon E. Ericson

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Consequently, this difference in passions creates a situation in which there is conflict and “mutual fear one of another” (Hobbes 1994c, 78). The ability to compare, which is a property of human imagination, heightens the natural state of tension. Each person thinks well of themselves, but objects to others who behave in the same way. De cive considers a further impetus to conflict, which remains largely implicit in The Elements of Law. “Intellectual dissention” causes strife for failure to agree with someone “on an issue is tacitly to accuse him of error .

Synthesis is the method appropriate to civil and moral philosophy. Synthesis works from causes to effects. , 73–4). Similar definitions occurred in both English and Latin editions of De corpore and Leviathan as well as De homine (Ibid. 3 and 65–66; Hobbes 1972, 41–2; Hobbes 1994a, 453–4 and 469). 13 While the general distinction between an early definition of science in terms of a Euclidean deductive method and a later definition of science in terms of analysis and synthesis is generally true, it is worth noting that chapter nine of the English Leviathan retains the earlier definition.

Hobbes’s understanding of the faculties of the human body and mind, religion and science form the backdrop to Hobbes’s civil philosophy, as they provide the sources of conflict and insecurity that bedevil humanity in its natural condition. Man, Born Unfit for Society Aristotle famously claimed that man is a political animal. By this he meant that men, like bees, naturally congregate and live together in a community. 2 1253a3). Hobbes vigorously contested this view, “[t]his Axiom” he argued, “though very widely accepted, is nevertheless false” and based on an inadequate view of human nature(Hobbes 1999, 22).

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