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In issuing this quantity of my Mathematical Puzzles, of which a few have seemed in periodicals and others are given the following for the 1st time, i need to recognize the encouragement that i've got obtained from many unknown correspondents, at domestic and out of the country, who've expressed a wish to have the issues in a gathered shape, with a number of the options given at larger size than is feasible in magazines and newspapers.

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Should I: (a) pass (b) call (c) raise £600? (d) raise £1800? Action: I raised all-in and O’Leary called. River: . I held . O’Leary had made quad sixes and I thus lost a £5390 pot. As he chortled, raking in the money, O’Leary explained that one of the reasons he decided to call with , was that he could have hit a club flush. After eight years I am still trying to recover from the shock. How could he play so badly? Clearly, my raise put him off his stride. He thought it too unlikely that I would play the pot this way.

35-49 There are many good alternatives here. It is a matter of opinion. 20-34 Did you sneak a look at the end, realise that I had lost the pot and play accordingly? Danny scored 25. 0-20 Whatever absurd decisions you made, you would have lost less than I did. ANSWERS AND ANALYSIS Holding: . Answer 1: (a) -1 (b) 10 (c) 2 (d) 0. This is a moderate hand. Why not play it in a moderate way? Flop: . Answer 2: (a) 10 (b) 0 (c) 4. It is unlikely that anyone has anything of value in this hand. There are only five overcards, so you can afford to take a risk.

In How Good is Your Chess? the reader was invited to take an imaginary seat next to a grandmaster in a recent game and deduce each of his next moves, scoring points according to the accuracy of their answers. At the conclusion of the game the reader was then instructed to tot up their score, and see how well they had fared, using a scorechart provided by the author. I first had the kernel of the idea of writing a poker book along the same lines some years ago. Fellow chessplayers and the editors of this series, Byron Jacobs and Andrew Kinsman, came up with the idea independently.

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