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By Silvia Hartmann

ISBN-10: 1873483767

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The styles and methods of EmoTrance, quantity three

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Every little thing we do is just totally covered in this evil slime of fear inducing misery, and it would be really nice if we could remove that – but not yet, you don’t have to. I don’t want you to change your lives right away. What I would suggest is that you just sit back and WATCH THAT GO BY. Sit back, fold your arms and watch yourself being terrified – of your mail, of your children, of your loved ones, of your carpets, of your washing powder, of your bread, of your nail polish, of your hair products, of your cellulite, of your own face in the mirror – whatever!

I’d love to have them here and discuss this with them. But look, so we’ve got the natural order of things and this has universal laws. We are aware of this, we have ants, sunrises and so forth, and we have also a number of different planes of existence with different laws of nature. So we’ve got the Hard, with gravity and backwards and forwards, left and right and all of that, and we’ve got the energy levels for example which have completely different laws of nature, which has confused many. Such as, thought is instantly here and there, and time is everywhere at the same time, holographic occurrences and all of that.

Now let’s first of all strip away the nonsense that luck is winning the lottery. That’s not luck, that’s some sort of stupid muppet dance. My son Steve calls it a “muppet mash”. Winning the lottery isn’t luck, it’s actually nothing, really. How is that going to make you any happier? It’s so not, is it. It is one of these illusions that you hold up to the inmates of the concentration camp, as a fake target to dream towards, so that they don’t think of leaving it. The illusion says that if you win the lottery, people will start to love you and respect you, that you can buy health, youth and good feelings and that you don’t have to be afraid any more, right?

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