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A 4 yr electric and digital engineering curriculum quite often comprises modules of electromagnetic box theories throughout the first years. even though, a few curricula do not need adequate slots to house the 2 modules. This publication, Electromagnetic box Theories, is designed for electric and digital engineering undergraduate scholars to supply primary wisdom of electromagnetic fields and waves in a based demeanour. A accomplished primary wisdom of electrical and magnetic fields is needed to appreciate the operating rules of turbines, automobiles and transformers. this data can also be essential to research transmission traces, substations, insulator flashover mechanism, brief phenomena, and so on. lately, lecturers and researches are operating for sending electrical energy to a distant zone by means of designing an appropriate antenna. for this reason, the information of electromagnetic fields is taken into account as very important tool.

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28b and c to derive the expressions of the curl of A in the y − z and z − x planes, respectively. 44 2 Vector Analysis and Coordinate Systems y Ax + D ∂Ax z Δy ∂y C(x + Δx, y + Δy) Ax B(x + Δx, y) x a x Az + T Ax + Az c O Az + Az Ay ∂Az Δy ∂y N(y + Δy, z) y M(y, z) b ∂Az Δx ∂x S(z + Δz, x + Δx) Ax Q(z, x) ∂Ay Δz ∂z P ∂A Ay + y Δx ∂x Ay A(x, y) Ay + ∂Ax Δz ∂z R(z + Δz, x) z Fig. dl = ∂Ay ∂Az − ∂y ∂z y z. 245) MNOP Substituting Eq. 245) and the curl A results in ( S= y z into Eq. 240) and the x-component of ∂Ay ∂Az − .

Two point charges Q1 and Q2 with their separation distance is shown in Fig. 1. The electric force, F12 on a point charges Q2 due to Q1 . Mathematically, Coulomb’s law can be written as F12 = k Q1 Q2 a12 , R12 2 Md. A. 1) 51 52 3 Electrostatic Field F12 Fig. 1 Two point charges with separation distance Q2 aR12 R12 Q1 Fig. 2 Two point charges with separation distance F12 Q2 a12 R12 Q1 F21 r1 r2 Origin where Q1 , Q2 are the positive or negative charges in Coulomb (C), R12 is the separation distance in meters, 1 k = 4πε is the proportionality constant.

2. Hayt WH Jr, Buck JA. Engineering electromagnetics. 7th ed. Columbus: McGraw-Hill; 2006 (McGraw-Hill International Edition). 3. Bird J. Higher engineering mathematics. 5th ed. Burlington: Elsevier; 2006. 4. Sadiku MNO. Elements of electromagnetics. 5th ed. New York: Oxford University Press; 2011. 5. Marshall SV, Skitek GG. Electromagnetic concepts and applications. 3rd ed. Upper Saddle River; Prentice Hall; 1990. 1 Introduction In Chap. 1, the basic definition of electromagnetic field parameters and their units were discussed.

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