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56 back to the moon and beyond Perhaps someday this lunar view of the rising Earth will be a normal sight for people living and working on the Moon. NASA estimates that the cost of keeping one person on the Moon would be one million dollars per minute! Many people believe that the Moon should not be used in this way. They think this precious satellite should be preserved and used only for exploration and scientific discovery. However, the pressure to use the Moon to help solve some of Earth’s problems may be too strong for humankind to resist.

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A CELESTIAL DANCE What truly sets Earth and the Moon apart from all the other objects in the Solar System is their complex relationship with each other, and with the Sun. Their movements through space create many of the things we take for granted—the days, the months, the years, the seasons, even the weather. Days, Years, and Seasons Earth, like all the other planets, orbits the Sun in a regular but elliptical path. 25 days—the period we define as a year—to travel once around the Sun. (Other planets take much longer.

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