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On a global without gods, what do clergymen serve? The priest category on Athas is exclusive and exact from the priest periods of the other AD&D international. Athasian monks worship no gods, acquire no fans, and hold edged guns. Earth, Air, hearth, and Water solutions your entire questions on this singular category of clerics.

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42 dictable beings. Fortunately, they are also extremely rare, The Pact of Magma The beings of magma are almost as weak as their counter- and usually confined to places most folk wouldn’t want to parts of rain, for there are only a few natural refuges on visit anyway. Athas where magma exists in any quantity. Because of this, the spirits of magma incessantly push their mortal champi- Granted Powers: Major ons to help them rise from the bowels of Athas, and to keep Magma clerics gain a +2 saving throw vs.

Cycle will cease and the lost water will never see the surface again. The spirits of rain are angry and terrified of this destruc- Granted Powers: Major tive process, but this has been going on for so many centuries that any new rainfall simply creates more silt, A silt cleric can ignore the presence of silt when he reaches the 5th level. The duration is a number of rounds equal to expanding the blight, rather than turning it back into mud. his level, and the power can be used once per day. The Obviously, silt clerics are often in direct conflict with the priest may walk along the bottom of the Sea of Silt, totally ignoring the material around him.

This power works only for the cleric, although he can carry others for short distances. On reaching the 11th level, the priest can control an amount silt equal to 1 cubic foot for every level he has attained. An 11th-level cleric can control 11 cubic feet of silt. The silt moves at 120 feet per round, and can be used to smother creatures of medium and smaller size. When a cleric exercises this power, the target should make a saving throw vs. magic. If he succeeds, the silt swirls around him, but he manages to escape.

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