Download PDF by Tracy Hickman: Dragons of War (Dragonlance module DL8)

By Tracy Hickman

ISBN-10: 0880380977

ISBN-13: 9780880380973

Ebook Date: July 1985

Dragons of struggle is the 8th within the sequence of DRAGONLANCE adventures to be used with the complicated DUNGEONS & DRAGONS video game procedure. integrated are not obligatory AD&D BATTLESYSTEM miniatures principles. you could play this experience on its own or as a part of the grand quest that spans the total DRAGONLANCE saga.

Paperback: forty pages
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast (July 1985)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0880380977
ISBN-13: 978-0880380973

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The dragon is stunned and immobile for the remainder of the round. 3. The dragon receives damage in hit points equal to its movement in inches during the round in which it hit the wall. 4. The dragon also receives any applicable falling damage. Dragonawe and Rout The awe of the dragon only affects those who are aware of the dragon’s presence. All units in these battles will know of the dragons’ presence, since other units will shout about the attacking dragons, horses will be skittish, etc. Units that are forced to save against dragonawe are only required to save once per dragon during any one battle.

The tower falls with heavy losses: The raging hordes of the Dragonarmy break over the walls of the tower with devastating effect. The will of the Knights is broken and the tower falls to the Dragonarmy! Solamnics take 50% unrecoverable losses and are driven from the tower. Outside the tower, the PCs have a random encounter (no random encounter check needed) every turn in the 2d10 + 17 range. Within the tower, encounters continue to occur normally as the Dragonarmy has no interest in entering the tower.

The directions given are toward the Khas room (Encounter 77) in terms such as “up,” “down,” “left,” “right,” “forward,” etc. The directions are for the shortest possible route. This even works in the Eternal Halls (Encounter 62). These directions continue for one turn before the character must make another save as above. As long as the PC continues to save, the direction messages continue. If the crown is placed on the skull of Yarus, it slowly floats off the floor, followed by Yarus’s scattered bones.

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