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Who dug these canals on Mars?
What used to be the biblical superstar of Bethlehem?
Were the pyramids outfitted via extraterrestrials?
From the ancients who charted the heavens to big name Trek, The X-files, and Apollo thirteen, outer house has intrigued humans throughout the a while. but such a lot people lookup on the evening sky and believe completely at the hours of darkness in terms of the fundamental proof concerning the universe.
Kenneth C. Davis steps into that void with a full of life and readable consultant to the discoveries, theories, and genuine those who have make clear the mysteries and wonders of the cosmos. realize why Einstein was once the sort of genius, the reality in the back of a blue moon or , the superb secrets and techniques of Stonehenge, or even how one nice astronomer misplaced his nose.
With the thrill question-and -answer layout that has appealed to the hundreds of thousands of readers of his bestselling do not know a lot approximately® sequence, you will be commencing on an exhilarating armchair exploration of the sun procedure, the Milky manner, and past.

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The Year of Creation. ) The Great Ocean of Truth 35 c. C. The Egyptian calendar is devised. It is the first known based on 365 days, or twelve months of thirty days, and five days of festivals. The Egyptian calendar started with the day that Sirius, the Dog Star, rises in line with the Sun in the morning, which coincides with the annual flood of the Nile. C. The Year of Creation. D. and was considered reliable by most of the European world until geology and biology contradicted it late in the nineteenth century.

Anaximander believed that Earth was a cylinder—like a modern tin can—that floated freely in space, motionless, at the center of the universe. Mankind lived on one end of the cylinder. In his concept of the universe, the stars were fiery jets and the Sun a chariot wheel filled with fire, the highest of the heavenly bodies. He attempted to explain the heavenly bodies in the context of worlds constantly being created from the Infinite, only to perish and be reabsorbed into the Infinite, a very profound guess, as modern astrophysics has shown that the stars are essentially recycled stars (a subject to be explored in greater depth in part III).

When the Nile’s waters rose and inundated the banks of the Nile and surrounding territory, the cropland was watered, and the rich soil that was left nourished Egypt’s wheat and other crops. Obviously, this regular flooding, tied as it was to the food supply, became momentous to these people. Eventually, ancient Egyptian skywatchers realized that the star Sothis—which the Greeks and modern astronomers call Sirius (the dog star)—appeared on the horizon at dawn just before the Nile reached flood stage each year.

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