DOE FUNDAMENTALS HANDBOOK. Electrical Science by US Department of Energy PDF

By US Department of Energy

The dep. of strength basics instruction manual on electric technology, comprises 4 complete volumes.

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0 Φ = magnetic flux, Wb Fm = magnetomotive force (mmf), At R = reluctance, At Wb Page 37 ES-01 MAGNETIC CIRCUITS Basic Electrical Theory Figure 26 Magnetic Current with Closed Iron Path Equation (1-17) is the mathematical representation for reluctance. R L µA R = reluctance, L = length of coil, m µ = permeability of magnetic material, A = cross-sectional area of coil, m2 (1-17) where ES-01 At Wb Page 38 (T m) At Rev. 0 Basic Electrical Theory Example: MAGNETIC CIRCUITS A coil has an mmf of 600 At, and a reluctance of 3 x 106 At/Wb.

Equation (1-11) is the mathematical representation of magnetic flux density. B Φ A (1-11) where B = magnetic flux density in teslas (T) Φ = magnetic flux in webers (Wb) A = area in square meters (m2) Wb  The result is that the SI unit for flux density is webers per square meter  . One weber per 2  m   square meter equals one tesla. Rev. 004 m2. 0004 m2 = 4 x 10-4 m2 B Φ A 8 x 10 4 Wb 4 x 10 4 m 2 2 Wb/m 2 Magnetic Materials Magnetic materials are those materials that can be either attracted or repelled by a magnet and can be magnetized themselves.

The maximum number of electrons that can fit in the outermost shell of any atom is eight. 2. The maximum number of electrons that can fit in the next-to-outermost shell of any atom is 18. An important point to remember is that when the outer shell of an atom contains eight electrons, the atom becomes very stable, or very resistant to changes in its structure. This also means that atoms with one or two electrons in their outer shell can lose electrons much more easily than atoms with full outer shells.

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