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Bettina Basel offers experimental stipulations which permit to extract the three-spin contribution accurately from experimental multi-spin double electron-electron resonance (DEER) indications. the speculation and ideas in the back of the used options, that are between others broadband chirp pump pulses, over coupling of microwave resonators and echo aid measurements, are mentioned and defined intimately. additionally the setup and result of DEER experiments with newly brought double chirp pump pulses inclusive of separate chirps are proven. specific cognizance is paid to the phenomenon of orientation choice and the idea that of orthogonal spin labeling.

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3] For the investigated systems only the electron and nuclear Zeeman effect as well as the hyperfine coupling and the zero-field splitting have to be considered. Therefore, only those Hamiltonians will be explained in detail in the following. Electron Zeeman Interaction As mentioned above an electron has an intrinsic angular momentum that is quantized in two states (ms = ± 12 ). The splitting of these energy levels in a magnetic field is called the Zeeman interaction. 2 A Quantum-Mechanical Description of EPR 13 where BT0 is the transpose of the static magnetic field vector and g is the g-tensor.

As mentioned above, for a transition between the Zeeman levels the conservation of angular momentum imposes a selection rule of |Δms | = 1. Therefore, only single-quantum coherences can be detected by magnetic resonance. Consequently, single-quantum coherences imply the presence of transverse magnetization. Coherence transfer between spin states can be accomplished by the use of appropriate B1 pulses. 39) † (t) = U (t) = e iHt U (t) is called a propagator, as it propagates the density operator in time.

If the flip angle of the nutation pulse was 90 degree, the value of the detected longitudinal magnetization is zero. If it was 180 degree the detected magnetization has the negative value of the equilibrium magnetization and so on. This experiment is repeated various times. The nutation frequency of the pulse can be determined from the oscillation of the longitudinal magnetization. 7: Echo detection of the longitudinal magnetization after a nutation pulse. 8 to 6 nm. With the DEER technique one has direct access to the distance-dependent pairwise dipole-dipole coupling between electron spins ωdd .

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