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The lifestyles and teachings of Diogenes of Sinope, the Greek thinker who gave upward push to classical Cynicism, deserve cautious attention due to their relevance to modern moral matters. the duty of reconstructing the philosopher's lifestyles, although, is quite tough, simply because in his case, greater than in these of different historic philosophers, we needs to deal not just with the shortage of trustworthy assets and stories, but in addition with the mountains of anecdotal and fictional money owed which are liable for the production of a veritable literary legend round the Cynic who as soon as lived in a bath. This complete learn reconstructs his biography at the foundation of classical and Arabic resources, identifies the most principles and ideas of his philosophy, and exhibits the appliance of his philosophical message for our modern world.

It additionally comprises an commonly annotated translation of Diogenes Laertius' Life of Diogenes of Sinope, that is our imperative resource of knowledge in regards to the philosopher.

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2 1 and 54. 39. Sayre, Diogenes ofSinope, p. 72. 40. , p. 73 . 4 1 . See in this respect the suggestion made by Long, "The Socratic Tradition," p. 45. 42. 6c;, literally 'the navel ' ) was believed to be the center of the world. 43. The Pythia was the priestess who, in a state of ecstatic trance, would answer questions. Her title was derived from the name of Python, the legendary dragon who guarded Delphi and who was killed by Apollo. 44. For a balanced and instructive examination of the role played by the Delphic oracle and other oracles among the Greeks, see R.

Nietzsche, Beitrage zur Quellenkunde und Kritik des Laertius Diogenes (Basel, 1 870). 25. Possibly the most enlightening analysis of Diogenes Laertius' biography of Diogenes is M. 0 . Goulet-Caze ' s "Le livre VI de Diogene Laerce: Analyse de sa structure et reflexions methodologiques," in Aufitieg un Niedergang der romischen Welt (Berlin-New York: W. de Gruyter, 1 990), Vol. 2, pp. 3 880-4048. 26. The primary meaning of Kpefo. is 'use' or 'advantage' (Latin, usus). In the context of philosophical traditions, such as that of the Cynics, Kpeio: can be understood in the sense of an anecdotal report about some famous person, recorded and transmitted for the purpose of communicating a philosophical message of ethical significance.

Even Sayre, always willing to present Diogenes in the worst possible light, had to admit that he must have had the benefit of a literary education-at least for the purpose ofposing as a wise man. 58 As will be shown in a later chapter, igno­ rance, in the sense of knowing little or nothing, cannot be attributed to Diogenes. Several reports speak about where in Athens and in Corinth Diogenes lived, and about how he managed to survive. While in Corinth, he is said to have lived in the house of Xeniades, where he served as the slave-educator of this man ' s 22 Diogenes ofSinope children.

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