Download e-book for iPad: Devil in the Sky (Star Trek Deep Space Nine, No 11) by Greg Cox John Gregory Betancourt

By Greg Cox John Gregory Betancourt

ISBN-10: 0671881140

ISBN-13: 9780671881146

The Hortas of Janus VI are the best miners within the galaxy, able to burning via strong rock the way in which humanoids go through air. Recruited to assist rebuild Bajor's devastated mining undefined, the Hortas may supply new wish for the planet's suffering economic climate. but if Cardassian raiders abduct the mummy Horta, Commander Sisko unearths himself caught with twenty Horta eggs -- after which the eggs start to hatch... whereas significant Kira leads a determined rescue undertaking deep into Cardassian area, Commander Sisko faces a ravaging mass of baby Hortas -- uncontrollable, indestructible, and wanting to eat Deep house 9™ itself!

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Ttan," the humanoid said more softly. "You will listen to my instructions and obey them. " Ttan demanded. "Where are you taking me? " "No questions, Ttan. We have some tasks for you to perform--very special tasks. If you do them well, you will be rewarded. If you cooperate, you may even gain your freedom... " Ttan began. But the humanoid had already stepped back. As the hatch rolled shut, darkness fell. Once more Ttan began to scream. CHAPTER 4 BMORANS, Sisko had privately concluded, could be distinguished from other humanoid races by the creases on their noses--and the chips on their shoul- ders.

She tapped her foot impatiently against the floor, wishing it were Bashir's larynx instead. "Of course, the study of Horta biology is less than a hundred years old, but our best theory is that the cycle is a form of population control. Hortas are basically ageless, indestructible, and have no natural predators. " The young doctor leaned toward Dax, caught up by the joys of science, or hormones, or some combination thereof. "Think of it! To be the adopted mother to an entire new generation of beings.

Cardassians are control freaks. To them, a Horta will be merely a new tool. Believe me, they'll find a way to put her to use in one of their mines. " Nobody spoke up. Good; they were wasting time. "Strap yourselves in," Kira said. She watched as they scrambled to do so. Turning, Kira stalked forward to where Dax, at the corm, had been running diagnostic tests. To make a bad situation worse, Kira thought, Bashir was watch- ing over Dax's shoulder and chattering about the excitement that lay ahead.

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