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By Xenophon

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Xenophon (431-355 BC), son of Gryllus, of the deme Erchia of Athens, used to be a soldier, mercenary and an admirer of Socrates. he's identified for his writings at the background of his personal instances, the sayings of Socrates, and the lifetime of Greece. He participated within the excursion led by way of Cyrus the more youthful opposed to his older brother, the emperor Artaxerxes II of Persia, in 401 BC. His checklist of the complete day trip opposed to the Persians and the adventure domestic used to be titled Anabasis (The excursion or The March Up Country). He used to be later exiled from Athens, probably simply because he fought less than the Spartan king Agesilaus opposed to Athens at Coronea. The Spartans gave him estate at Scillus, close to Olympia in Elis, the place he composed the Anabasis. His writings are frequently learn by means of starting scholars of the Greek language. His Hellenica is a huge basic resource for occasions in Greece from 411 to 362 BC, and his Socratic writings, preserved whole, are the one surviving representatives of the style of Sokratikoi logoi except the dialogues of Plato.

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And I think," " he added, I know a way by which an officer might do much towards training his men in the various branches of war. " father. " " And then," continued Cyrus, to rouse enthu19. siasm in the men, there can be nothing, I take it, like the " " power of kindling hope? True," answered his father, Book I. The Young General 39 " but that alone would be as though a huntsman were for C. 6 ever rousing his pack with the view-halloo. At first, of course, the hounds will answer eagerly enough, but after they have been cheated once or twice they will end by is really in sight.

From references in the earlier vols. g. Vol. I. pp. , Vol. Ill, Part I. pp. , cxxxi. ), embodying many of his own experiences and his maturest thoughts on education, on government, on the type of man, a rare type, alone fitted for leadership. , ; story and legend, is modelled on the Spartan king Agesilaus, whom he loved and admired, and under whom he served in Persia and in Greece (op. cit. Vol. , see under Agesilaus, Index, and Hellenica, Bks. -V.

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