Download e-book for iPad: Current topics in cellular regulation by Bernard L. Horecker, Earl R. Stadtman

By Bernard L. Horecker, Earl R. Stadtman

ISBN-10: 0121528332

ISBN-13: 9780121528331

This number of papers on mobile rules covers such issues as cytomatrix and enzyme association; membrane linked approaches; the citric acid cycle; electron delivery structures; nucleotide biosynthesis; research of metabolism in equipped states; and bioengineering functions

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Thus, it is clear that brain as well as tumor hexokinases bind to 34 KOSAKU UYEDA membranes via the N-terminal hydrophobic region. More recently, Xie and Wilson (21) demonstrated that the bound form of rat brain hexokinase is a tetramer. Differences in the kinetic properties of soluble and bound forms of hexokinase have been reviewed extensively by Purich et al. (4). Because the bound form of hexokinase has a lower K m for ATP and is less sensitive to inhibition by glucose 6-phosphate than the soluble form (22-25), the particulate enzyme has higher activity.

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