Critical Thinking Puzzles by Michael A. DiSpezio PDF

By Michael A. DiSpezio

ISBN-10: 0806994304

ISBN-13: 9780806994307

Here are adequate tricky puzzles to check your psychological powers for hours and hours. do that endless array of puzzles, demanding situations, funky proof, issues to construct, bizarre riddles, and different conundrums. a few are previous favorites that by no means fail to stump, others are absolutely new, yet all promise hours of enjoyable. each one could be accomplished with a pencil, pen, or a few reasonably cheap fabrics round the condominium. ninety six pages, one zero five b/w illus., five 3/8 x eight 1/4.

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1. How many smaller cubes are there? 2. How many of these smaller cubes a. have only one side that is painted red? b. have two sides that are painted red? c. have three sides that are painted red? d. have no sides that are red? Answers on page 80. Squaring Off ••• Make a copy of these four rectangles. Cut out the shapes and then arrange them to form a perfect square. Answer on page 81. 33 Saving Face ••• How good are you at visualizing things? These next few puzzles test your ability to rotate and construct objects in your mind.

What does he do? Answer on page 87. 51 Machine Madness ••• The identical wheels of this machine are connected by a series of belts. The outer rim of each wheel has a circumference of 8 centimeters. The rim of each wheel's inner shaft has a circumference of 4 centime­ ters. If the crank is rotated up one-quarter turn, what hour would the clock's hand point to? 10 9 8 7 6 s Answer on page 87. 52 Putting It Together ••• Suppose you have a list of numbers from one to one hundred. How quickly can you add them all up with­ out using a calculator?

These symbols have a logical order. Can you draw the next symbol in the sequence? HINT: A little reflection with your thinking skills may help you solve this puzzle. Answer on page 90. Connect the Dots ••• Starting at the top center dot, can you connect all of the other nine dots with only four straight lines? The four lines must all be connected and your pencil can't leave the paper while drawing the answer. • 0 • • • • • • • Answer on page 90. 57 Another Ant Walk ••• A queen ant finds herself climbing onto the metal framework of a bridge at the spot marked by the arrow.

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