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Over the final two decades, Professor Franco Giannessi, a hugely revered researcher, has been engaged on an method of optimization thought according to picture area research. His conception has been elaborated by means of many different researchers in a wealth of papers. Constrained Optimization and picture area research unites his effects and provides optimization concept and variational inequalities of their light.

It offers a brand new method of the idea of restricted extremum difficulties, together with Mathematical Programming, Calculus of diversifications and optimum keep an eye on difficulties. Such an technique unifies the various branches: Optimality stipulations, Duality, Penalizations, Vector difficulties, Variational Inequalities and Complementarity difficulties. The functions make the most of a unified theory.

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But outside r,, the material behaviour is assumed to be reversible: in the undamaged zone, one has w = 0 and t < t,, while in the true fracture t = 0. 4) take into account irreversibility. 2) turns out to be into the form of a CS. (3i)Another field of Applied Mechanics, where the mathematical models of optimization and those of equilibrium have shown t o be useful, is that of flight control. Miele has given a fundamental contribution t o the introduction of constrained extremum problems in the field of Flight Mechanics [49].

In a first stage, the problem is formulated by a system of nonlinear equations and inequalities, adopting a piecewise linear approximation for the yield conditions and for the hardening laws, and considering a space discretization in the framework of mixed finite element multi-field modelling, using the so-called Prager's generalized variables [ l l ] . Then, the relationships that characterize the model can be cast into the form of the following linear CS. The symbols of this section are independent of those of the others, if they overlap.

1). 1) admits a solution iff p 5 s, where s is the limit load multiplier or "safety factor": in fact, amplifying the live load over the collapse threshold makes it impossible to simultaneously satisfy plastic admissibility and equilibrium enforced in the above formulation through the preliminary computation of the elastic stress response to the basic loads and of the influence matrix relating selfstresses to plastic strains. (ii)Another instance is offered by the analysis of quasi-brittle fracture process.

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