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By Benito F. Reyes

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Publication approximately liberation from the wheel of lifestyles from a pragmatic viewpoint. plenty of routines.

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The important thing to realize at this juncture is that as long as we have no cybernetic control of the energies of consciousness (nidanas), they will operate according to karma to bring about birth, death, and rebirth. The nidanas function in concatenation, one force bringing about the next force as in a chain reaction. The most basic nidana is the force of ignorance or avidya. This is essentially ignorance of our true nature as spiritual beings leading us to identify ourselves with what is most obvious to our underdeveloped perception, our bodies.

In addition to the vrittis, the conditioning activities of the mind, there are accumulations of the mind such as the samskaras or karmic tendencies, the clingings and desires (tanha), the ideas and beliefs, the attitudes, and the ego itself, the conditioned self—all these prevent liberation. Therefore, drop them. Empty consciousness of its accumulations. Purify. " -38- The Wheel of Liberation The laborious task of controlling and purifying the mind is very often a difficult thing to do. But this is the very essence of the liberation process.

Between his unconsented birth and unpermitted death, he lives a life conditioned and determined by forces he is unable to manage and control. 3. In addition, he is born from unconsciousness and he dies into unconsciousness, and between the two, he is only one-tenth conscious, nine tenths of his nature being completely unconscious: • He has no awareness of his total nature—the Human Unconscious. • He has no awareness of the universe as a whole— The Cosmic Unconscious. • He has no awareness of God — The Divine Unconscious.

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