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By Martin Coleman

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The paranormal perform of Necromancy easily and Lucidly defined, With complete directions for the perform.

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Amen. Now wait patiently, and watch the planchette as it moves on the board. Just allow the movement to happen; do not try to guide the planchette or control it in any way. You may judge your success by the kind of message that you get without asking any questions. You should avoid asking questions, as you want a spirit to come through and either encourage you to go further in � � business, so purchase a new Ouija board and treat it with your study of necromancy or give you some other information.

J� 12, 1944, at age 38. , �� � ' was a vocational school at • a machine operator. Worked at WITH THE SPIR_ITS Aunt Alice said that he was a big man who used to bounce her on his knee when she was a little girl. She said that he liked children and was good to them. She also said that Grandmother Conrad told her that he had gone into the army to die. Aunt Alice thought that Joseph had said some­ thing to her about it. The last the family saw of him was at the Christmas din­ ner of 1941, he left for the army right after that.

J}ll possible degree. Your study now all spirits of the dead. , do so, i ' and probably con- jiatual development, studying them were successful, and some of them were failures. They are than they were when they were alive and walking on this Earth. as spirits, opening them up to higher things and to greater spir­ itual growth when they reincarnate again on this Earth. flints of the dead will be well j. pit into it. Once you have � will never fear death SOME OF THE characteristics of those who successfully work [lab is said to carry over into �Gf death will be permanently with the dead are listed below.

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