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By Michael Cabbage, William Harwood

ISBN-10: 0743266986

ISBN-13: 9780743266987

Publish yr note: First released January twenty seventh 2004 by means of loose Press

On February 1, 2003, the unthinkable occurred. the distance go back and forth Columbia disintegrated 37 miles above Texas, seven courageous astronauts have been killed and America's house application, constantly an eyeblink from catastrophe, suffered its moment catastrophic in-flight failure. in contrast to the Challenger catastrophe 17 years prior, Columbia's destruction left the country one failure clear of the aptitude abandonment of human area exploration.

Media assurance within the instant aftermath concerned with the potential reason for the catastrophe, and at the nation's grief. however the complete human tale, and the stunning information of NASA's an important blunders, have by no means been advised -- formerly.

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