Cold War (Tom Clancy's Power Plays, Book 5) by Jerome Preisler PDF

By Jerome Preisler

ISBN-10: 1101002603

ISBN-13: 9781101002605

2011 Retail ePub
An 8-book sequence "created by" Tom Clancy and Martin Greenberg, yet written by way of Jerome Preisler. the 1st 3 have been additionally made right into a Microsoft home windows video game.

Unspoiled. Uninhabited. below attack...

On the wind-swept, ice-covered continent of Antarctica, Roger Gordian's UpLink applied sciences has verified a systematic learn facility referred to as chilly Corners. yet its checking out of capability robot touchdown craft to be used on Mars is disrupted while one of many rovers disappears—along with the fix group despatched out after it.

Fear of discovery has caused a renegade consortium—that is illegally utilizing Antarctica as a nuclear waste dump—to wipe out the UpLink base. Now, the lads and ladies of chilly Corners have basically themselves to depend on because the consortium mounts its decisive strike opposed to the ice station—and the ultimate sundown plunges them into the entire darkness of a polar winter...

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Thus just as the Spanish found the Arab world in Mexico, the Americans four centuries later found Mexico in Iraq. 53 The locals, one Marine explains, are ‘primitive people’ like the Mexicans today. Invoking the painted skulls on display during the Mexican Fiesta do los Muertos, he adds ‘What we should do is paint skulls on our faces. Come into these towns like demons. ’54 Unfortunately, history did not pass by these particular young Marines; it passed them by. In this case disorder and chaos became metonyms for freedom and authenticity.

Homer’s great epic has been known as the Iliad ever since the Greek historian Herodotus so referred to it in the fifth century BC. The word means ‘a poem about Ilium’, but the real theme of the poem is best summed up in its opening line, translated by the first English verse translator, Chapman, as ‘Achilles’ baleful wrath’. For this is a poem not so much about war as about warriors. It is provoked by the ‘abduction’ of Helen, the wife of Menelaus, Achilles’ kinsman. We are told of no other cause, and only an age so preoccupied with instrumental reason, with the ‘real’ meaning of events, will find, as did the Hollywood screenplay writers of Wolfgang Petersen’s film Troy (2003), a political subtext: trade rivalry between the Greeks and their rivals, the Trojans.

Or the fact that he was denied the ‘joy of combat’ which led him initially to join the Marine Corps? Spared the combat, he was spared the killing as well. One of the most common words for combat in the Iliad, charme, comes from the same root as chairo – ‘rejoice’. 32 What they rejoice in, of course, is not so much the killing as the combat experience. 33 The Greeks themselves saw in him the paragon of male courage – ‘the splendour running in the blood’ (to quote that arresting phrase of the poet Pindar).

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