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By Graham Cassano (editor)

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Domestic entrance examines the gendered exploitation of work within the family from a postmodern Marxian viewpoint. The authors of this quantity use the anti-foundationalist Marxian fiscal theories first formulated via Stephen Resnick and Richard Wolff to discover energy, domination, and exploitation within the sleek family.

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According to Resnick and Wolff, the term “exploitation” has two fundamentally related aspects. On the one hand, it is a means of attaining analytic clarity. On the other hand, Resnick and Wolff use that particular “entry point” into social reality precisely because it has political implications. As Rick Wolff recently wrote, “For those whose idea of community entails commitment to the principles of equality and … participatory solidarity, exploitation is unjust and repugnant …. For those who believe in democratic community, it is impossible to justify or accept that the workers who produce the surpluses should be excluded from their appropriation and distribution” (Wolff 2007: 325).

Our Marxist class analytics (Resnick and Wolff 1987: Chapter 3) distinguish necessary from surplus labor and fundamental from subsumed class processes. By necessary labor, we mean the amount needed to produce the current consumption of the producers themselves. Surplus labor is then the amount they perform beyond what is necessary. This surplus labor (or its products) is received—“appropriated” in Marxist terms—either by the people who produced it or by others. Those who appropriate the surplus then distribute it to themselves and/or to others.

Answer: Of course housework doesn’t produce any (capitalist) surplus value. It’s a different condition to that of the worker who is robbed of the surplus value of his work. I’d like to know exactly what the relationship is between the two. Women’s entire future strategy depends on it. (Simone de Beauvoir, Schwarzer 1984: 38) Today, nonfamily households (people who live alone or with unrelated people) outnumber married couples with children. 1 Households and their profound influence upon modern society have been badly and unjustifiably neglected in Marxian social theory.

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