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By Andreas A. Bew, Sabine Wilms, Simon Becker

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Fertility therapy : its social and cultural context / Andreas A. Noll -- Ethics / Andreas A. Noll -- Guanyin : goddess of fertility / Annette Jonas -- The want for sons : girl and family members in imperial China / Dagmar Hemm -- suggestion on profitable sexual activity from the scientific classics / Dagmar Hemm -- Fertility remedy and being pregnant : reproductive medication and TCM in significant cooperation / Karin Kielwein

The formulation Shao fu zhu yu tang : decoction for infertility remedy / Simon Becker, Young-Ju Becker -- Menstrual problems / Yue Jing Bing -- Early menopause / Stefan Englert -- Infertility and sexual problems / Andreas A. Noll -- The therapy of male infertility with TCM / Hans-Joachim Stelting -- Endometriosis / Nei Ji, Barbara Kirschbaum -- PCO syndrome and fertility / Jacqueline Peineke -- Supplementary chinese language medicinal remedy in IVF/ET remedies / Yuning S. Wu ; translation, Jacqueline Peineke -- Inviting the 'heavenly spark' : Shen within the aid of in fertility therapy / Ruthild Schulze, Gudrun Kotte -- tension and infertility / Andreas A. Noll -- assisting the couple in profitable and failed fertility therapy / Andreas A. Noll, Gudrun Kotte. Read more...


Written through specialists in chinese language drugs, this textbook presents a complete evaluation of chinese language medication treatments for fertility disorders. Read more...

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Starting a Family in China 3 Guanyin—Goddess of Fertility Annette Jonas A book about fertility treatment in Chinese medicine would be incomplete if it did not mention Guanyin, the Goddess of Fertility. This would mean that something very important, a part of the whole, were missing. This is because reproduction is not just a technological-functional process, but the mental-spiritual realm also plays an important role. The authors of this book deal with this topic in their individual chapters—the following contribution on the possibilities of involving a Buddhist goddess will contribute substantially to a consideration of this realm.

A Bodhisattva is an enlightened being who has learned through meditation and self-absorption how to escape from the endless cycle of death and rebirth. The core of Bodhisattva philosophy (the “great vehicle” of Buddhism) is the ideal not to attain enlightenment for oneself alone but to help all other beings. The figure of the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara stems from a famous Buddhist text, the Lotus Sutra. This is one of the key texts of Mahayana Buddhism. Several translations of this Sutra into Chinese exist, the earliest from the 3 rd and 4th centuries CE.

2 Guanyin statue Bibliography 1. Blofeld J. Das Geheime und Erhabene. Munich: Goldmann; 1985. 2. Ebert J. Guanyin-Verehrung in China. In: Müller C, Croissant D (editors) Wege der Götter und Menschen: Religionen im traditionellen China. Begleitbuch zur gleichnamigen Ausstellung. Berlin: Museum für Völkerkunde; 1989. 3. Scharuk H. Die Göttin. Cologne: Taschen; 2001. 17 4 The Wish for Sons—Woman and Family in Imperial China—Qiu Zi (求子) 4 The Wish for Sons—Woman and Family in Imperial China—Qiu Zi (求子) Dagmar Hemm ■ The Status of Women Nu jian nan gui (女賤男貴)—“Women are worthless, men are valuable”—a typical statement that was not taken as an insult in ancient China but merely reflected the social position of women.

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