Chemistry of High-Temperature Superconductors II by David L. Nelson and Thomas F. George (Eds.) PDF

By David L. Nelson and Thomas F. George (Eds.)

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ISBN-13: 9780841215412

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Central to the determination of a F(a>) i s the quantity * V ( r ) , which i s the change i n c r y s t a l potential when atom a i s displaced from equilibrium, a l l other atoms being held fixed. In p r i n c i p l e , since the atomic displacements break p e r i o d i c i t y , the s p a t i a l integrals of £ V(r) are over the whole c r y s t a l . However, on physical grounds, for good metals i t i s expected that the valence/conduction electrons w i l l e f f e c t i v e l y screen the perturbation l i m i t i n g any important contributions to regions very close to the displaced atom.

ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1988. 3. 0 z Figure 5. Energy bands of orthorhombic YBa2Cu30y p l o t t e d along several directions i n the B r i l l o u i n Zone. 0. E(eV) Figure 6. Densities of states (DOS) f o r the YBa2Cu3Û7 compound. The t o t a l DOS i s i n the top panel, and the s i t e decomposed muffin-tin components are shown i n the remaining panels. 0. Refer to Figure 2 f o r s i t e definitions. S o l i d lines are f o r the Cu(l), 0(1), and 0(2) s i t e s .

George, T. F. unpublished. 24. Ferreira, J. ; Lee, B. ; Torikachvili, M. ; Yang, Κ. ; Maple, M. Rev. Β 1988, 37, 1580. 25. Rev. Lett. 1988, 60, 724. 26. ; George, T. F. Proceedings of the Conference on Superconductivity and Applications, ed. by H. S. Kwok (Elsevier, New York, 1988). 27. ; Beasley, M. ; DiCastro, C. Phys. Β 1988, 37, 537. 28. ; Anderson, P. W. Solid State Commun. 1987, 63, 973. 29. The termΔ Δ c o s θ ( λ + μ (Δ +Δ )] of Ref. [23] is too restrictive since Δ and Δ need not have the same coefficients to be invariant terms.

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