Download e-book for iPad: Ceremonial Magic & The Power of Evocation by Joseph C. Lisiewski, Christopher S. Hyatt, S. Jason Black

By Joseph C. Lisiewski, Christopher S. Hyatt, S. Jason Black

ISBN-10: 1561841978

ISBN-13: 9781561841974

For hundreds of years, the ceremonial evocation of non secular beings has been Magic's darkest nook. Reputed to satisfy the Magician's fabric wishes, evocation has been the subject of the main well-known Grimoires---the Grammars of Magic. From the Sworn e-book of Honorius the Magician, to the higher Key of Solomon and the Goetia; from the Grand Grimoire, to the entire treatise of the Lemegeton, all provide direct, but tough, instructions to the person intending to have the 'good lifestyles' within the here-and-now.

But the best of Grimoires, the Heptameron of Peter de Abano, has escaped the eye of recent Ceremonialists. Its simplicity and tool in summoning the Aerial Spirits is moment to none.

Ceremonial Magic lays naked the operation of the Heptameron. Its Magical Axioms, wide Commentaries, copious notes, and private directions to the reader---all received from Dr. Lisiewski's forty-years of analysis and perform in Ceremonial Magic---make this a source that no severe pupil of Magic can come up with the money for to be with no. it's all right here, as in no different Grimoire. Use its directions and the area of evocation and private gratification are good inside your clutch!

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The following divisions of magic w i l l prove h e l p f u l — Hermetic M a g i c is considered here to be a separate, distinct era when core magical material was developed. It is not dealt w i t h in this present book. D a r k A g e s , M e d i e v a l , Renaissance, and T r a n s i t i o n Era magic constitutes a developmental and application p e r i o d w h i c h w i l l hereafter be referred to as the O l d System of M a g i c or simply as the Old System. T h e G o t h i c R e v i v a l and M o d e r n Era magic w i l l b e made reference to by what I have already termed N e w A g e M a g i c or simply the N e w System of M a g i c or N e w System.

Argentum A s t r u m ) ; he made contact w i t h his spiritual guide, A i w a , w h i c h resulted i n the Book of the Law, w h i c h is supposed to lay the groundwork for a new way of l i v i n g ; he engaged in many episodes w i t h drugs, sex, and intrigues; and he pounded out a system of magic and spelled it Magick to differentiate it from the earlier forms he considered vulgar. H i s magical system is eagerly followed by thousands of people to this day. H i s impact on magic in general and on the Attainment of the Knowledge and Conversation of the H o l y Guardian A n g e l in particular through his intense r i t u a l — w h i c h serves as the very heart of his system—cannot be denied.

D. Argument 4—The most important views of evocation or any magical act are those internal views held by the Practitioner. As pointed out in A x i o m 3, the resulting belief system, the very product of the subconscious process of subjective synthesis, actually enables the magic to take place. Since this integrated belief system is held w i t h i n the subconscious m i n d that also produced the subjective synthesis, the reader might now begin to grasp just h o w i m portant such beliefs are. If, for example, the Practitioner insists u p o n operating from the still-reigning nineteenth and twentieth century psychological view of general magical practice set d o w n by the G o l d e n D a w n and expanded u p o n by Aleister C r o w l e y , his or her belief system, moral and ethical values (or lack of them), as w e l l as his or her general psychological state and the altered state of consciousness achieved d u r i n g the operation, w i l l w o r k together and have direct bearing on the 'fullness' of the results achieved.

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