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By Ivan Löbl

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This quantity completes of the Coleoptera order of bugs — beetles — within the northern a part of Eurasia. The target is to incorporate all to be had names, either legitimate and invalid, of extant beetle taxa defined prior to 2012 identified to take place within the Palaearctic sector. The Curculionoida is the superfamily of weevels. Entries contain species identify, reporter, date, taxonomic and distributional info, and the bibliographic resource. The indexes in basic terms get as particular as genus

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881, add: Wang S. 2006: [new taxon]. In: Wang H. J. & Yang X. K. ): Fauna of Chtysomelidae ofGansu. Lanzhou: Gansu Science Technology Press, 296 pp.. 8 pi. p. 881. -K. -N. 1998: A new species of the genus Anoplophora Hope (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) from Sichuan China. Journal of Southwest Agricultural Universiuty 20 (4): 334-336. p. 887, add: Weise J. 1904: Pseudocolaspis substriata sp. n. Deutsche Entomologische Zeitschrift 1904: 100. ERRATA for VOLUME 7 Notes: Correct year for all taxa under Faust.

224. correct year of Calochromus costulatus, C. kaschmirensis, C. serraticornis and C. triguttatus Kleine to 1929 p. 224. remove coccineus Goeze. 1777 from synonymy with Lygistopterus sanguineus Linnaeus, 1758. it is a mere citation p. 225, 226, correct author and year of Lampyridae. Lampyrmae and Lampyrini to Rafmesque. 1815 p. 227. list Lampyris fuscata Geisthardt, L. lareynii Jacquelin du Val. olivieriana Heyden. and zenkeri Germar as fuscata fuscata Geisthardt, lareynii lareynii Jacquelin du Val.

1829 p. 225. add GG to distribution of Blaps puella Allard, 1880 p. 226. add AR to distribution oiBlaps scabriuscula scabriuscula Menetries. 1832 p. 226. place Blaps montana Motschulsky, 1839 in synonymy with Blaps scabriuscula subalpina Menetries. 1832 p. 226. place Blaps robusta Motschulsky, 1845 in synonymy with Blaps lethifera lethifera Marsham. 1802 p. 226. add GG to distribution oiBlaps taeniolata Menetries. 1832 p. 228. add GG to distribution oiCaenoblaps difformis Komg. 1906 p. 229, use Gnaptor boryi (Laporte, 1840) E: GR as valid species and place graecus Kuster, 1848 (described as Gnaptor, not Blaps) in its synonymy p.

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Catalogue of Palaearctic Coleoptera; v.8: Curculionoidea II. by Ivan Löbl

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